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Our Certified Application Counselor helps you submit your application for Medicaid or Marketplace Insurance. She can also assist with applications for SNAP, Medicare Savings, Extra Help, and the Benefit Access Program.​

It's just a telephone appointment. It's so easy!

Stephanie Young CAC

(847) 395-2809  X 2

Call us as soon as you make your appointment. Tell us when and where you need to go and then we will provide you with all possible options. 

Call (847) 395-2809  X 2

We have referrals for pediatricians, dentists, and counselors for your family. We will connect you with affordable options for school physicals and required childhood immunizations.​

Call us to connect to these health services. 


Call (847) 395-2809  X 2

  • Health conditions and medications​

  • Costly prescriptions​

  • COVID-19 and the coronavirus vaccines   

  • Doctors, dentists, and counselors that accept your health insurance​

  • Understanding your health insurance and your insurance choices​

  • Medicare options​

  • Finding healthcare when you have no insurance and no money​

  • Non-judgmental help for addiction and mental health services​

  • Solutions for stress and respite when caring for a loved one

Kim Hedger, RN

Maureen Cull, RN, BSN


Call (847) 395-2809  X 2



Our Network Nurse Joni was talking with one of our clients when the client said, "Joni, you’re an Angel. I feel the tide turning. I felt invisible and now I don’t feel invisible anymore. I don't feel alone anymore."

“As a Veteran, I am unable to drive because I suffer from Chronic Anxiety. AAHAA has given me many rides to the Veterans Hospital to all my doctor appointments. They are fantastic, more than helpful, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them."

When our Network Nurse Maureen started to explain what AAHAA stood for to one of our clients, the client said, “I don’t need to know your name. I have you in my phone under HELP".

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