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The Antioch Area Healthcare Accessibility Alliance (AAHAA)


Your gift helps AAHAA provide health education and

advocacy to the people who live in our community.

This improves their access to healthcare and

improves health outcomes. Our services are FREE

thanks to the generosity of people like you!




This year, AAHAA has:


* Helped hundreds of families receive food every week

* Provided updates about COVID-19 protocols

* Connected people to safe transportation to medical appointments

* Helped families secure in-home care for their elderly parents

* Connected parents to help for their children suffering from depression

* Helped residents find affordable prescription drugs

* Found affordable prenatal care for young mothers struggling financially

* Provided education on a multitude of topics to help our community




The Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County, 

RRF Foundation for Aging, and an anonymous donor will match

all new and increased gifts $1 for $1

in support of our work through 12/23/2021.


We thank you for your support!



Antioch Area Healthcare

Accessibility Alliance

Antioch has limited access to clinics, hospitals and specialty care services.  In order to achieve a healthy Antioch, AAHAA helps individuals navigate the healthcare maze, and find the services they need.  

Our Vision: To help our residents improve access to healthcare, for a better quality of life.

With your permission, we will follow up to make sure your needs have been met and you've found your very own AAHAA moment.